Olde English

Under one roof, the appliances are side by side as the flash washes up the convertible room for a quarter second. It’s dry in the tilt-up garage with the top down. The original use wouldn’t be known on a drive by through the neighborhood. Affordable housing isn’t always compliant.  A horizontal wide-angle accommodates the view across from the Starvin’ Filmer inside the “HC” headquarters. A wet expression reveals a time to recharge with familiar entertainment. On this side of the beach anyone could be next to barge through the door. These hands await the usage they were meant to be used for outside the greater basin. While you’re up grab a towel for the concrete disciples’ feet. No messenger is greater than the one who sent him. Jesus reminds us of this reliance. The rest found in the conversion isn’t the same as the code of streets. At times it’s deadly.

Big brothers let their loved ones crash—yeah come over. Some do not have another crib to go. A television tube reflects the ghostly memorial t-shirt charged with light particles. Numerous articles were written about their friend’s tragic murder. Deep thoughts pass from brother to brother like they too Feel It In The Air playing from the game counsel apparatus. Dropping hammers requires postproduction work on the dailies: feats bust concrete. Batteries. DV tapes. Play films, play station and play rap together to keep from slippin’ by talking about what happened during the day. A recap like rappers’ lyrics becoming Olde English as the years go by—still pours out.