Starvin’ Filmer

Within the scene, the sequence of frames happens in a flash. After a long day of riding alongside skateboarders to capture their unique line of footwork, the fisheye lens rests on top of the washing machine. There are familiar items within the space: an oscillating fan, a desk lamp, a carpet remnant, an ironing board and a camera backpack. It’s an undisclosed location in Long Beach.

There are thousands of garages like this one. The converted garage space serves as the headquarters for “HC”. The Sony VX is charging on top of the washing machine. I’ve seen a swarm of forks like arrows hit their target: a Styrofoam container full of steamy orange chicken. A local Chinese spot accepts cash only. We all ate from a five-dollar plate. Behind the tilt-up garage door, kept closed to original use, skateboarders demonstrate the power of sharing during the dinner hour. One portion size goes a long way. Rather than merely eating it all for yourself, let the gathering happen to end starvation.